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About Us

SDSE, LLC was founded in 2004 on the principle of exceeding customer requirements—through continuous process improvement and world-class solutions delivery. We supply the right mix of people, processes, and technologies to support the specific needs of our clients and teaming partners.

SDSE’s success is driven by smart people who provide cost-effective solutions that enable our customers and partners to exceed their management and technology requirements. Our staff has diverse backgrounds in public, private and nonprofit sectors—providing customers with a unique and dynamic blend of subject matter expertise, technical skills and management experiences.

SDSE is committed to implementing Smart Solutions for our customers by employing repeatable, mature, and methodical processes (CMMI and ISO-based in-house methodologies). This steadfast approach cultivates confidence in our customers and staff—creating a positive, collaborative culture of success. Every SDSE project is closely monitored and measured internally against rigorous quality controls and high standards of accuracy and ethics.

SDSE promotes an organizational culture of commitment, dedication, and synergy to excel despite the complexity of the challenge.
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